Why choose Korero as your CRM & Sales Automation Platform?

Data driven feature rich intuitive CRM.

Supports easy automation, boost productivity.

Close opportunities faster by better engaging with your customers.

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Automate processes and tasks to boost productivity of sales team. Reduce the cost of sales, spend time in customer outreach, leave administration to Korero.

Zero Overheads

Hosted on the cloud, Korero's security and maintenance is our responsibility. Pre-configured, simply use it out of the box. It's simple intruitive user interface requires no training.

Pay As You Go

Multiple subscription plans and associated pricing brings the best out of your sales operations.


Korero is pre configured for an enterprise to simply start using it out of the box.

Simple and intuititive user interface does not need any time investment in learning, use it to manage opportunities funnel and close them.

Out-of-the-box Use

Pre-configured with a set of processes, analytical tools and extensive features, ready for use.

Customer journey

Strategize and manage customer journey for improved closures.


Easy configuration of processes to improve productivity.

Leads to Closures

Perspective view with key indicators and analytics populated on each tile helps in strategizing on the key pursuit.

Break the silos

Collaboration between users from other than sales functions and external parties in a secure manner to accelerate closures.

Security and Access

Korero is designed for omni-channel access for your convenience. Adequate measures introduced for your data’s safety.